Sunday, 12 November 2017

Unofficial CD32 Release - Puzzle Collection

Time for a new stock CD32 release, this is another one i started last year and for whatever reason didn't get finished back then. The disc itself is a collection of 58 commercial and PD/Shareware games across various puzzle genres.

Menu Screen

Atomino / Atomix / Blockhead 2 / Candy Puzzle CD32 / Chips Challenge
Clock Wiser CD32 / Curse Of RA, The / Dimos Quest / Drachensteine / Extasy
Gear Works / Gem'X / Globulus / Humans 1-2 CD32 / Humans 3 CD32
Jumping Jack'son / Kiros Quest / Klax / Lettrix / Lost Vikings, The CD32
One Step Beyond / Minskies AGA / Minskies ECS / Morph CD32 / Pick 'n Pile
Pinomania / Pipe Mania / Plotting / Push Over / Puzznic
Qix / Revelation / Shanghai / Spot / Stack Up
Stone Age / Super Gem'Z / Super Loopz AGA / Super Skweek / Tangram
Time Lock / Vital Light CD32 / Volfied / X-It / Zyconix

Ami Mind / Atoms / Doktor /Dr. Mario / Dragon Tiles AGA
Flag Catcher / Jelly Quest / Power Tetris / Squigs / Step Five AGA
Super Foul Egg / Tetris Pro / Tritus / Twintris

Full credits for whdload slaves are in the ReadMe included in the download which is on the EAB FTP server.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Unofficial CD32 Release - Vision Software : The Complete Amiga Works

Founded in 1991 in New Zealand, Vision Software were another loved developer on the Amiga, starting with writing coverdisk games before continuing with full price releases a couple of years later.

This collection contains all their Amiga works and a bonus game from their 'Art' developer days, all playable on a stock CD32, I've also tested and changed accordingly to make sure it runs on a fastram equipped machine too.

Here's the full line-up of games on the disc.
  1. Cybernetix
  2. Gnome
  3. Kiros Quest
  4. Microbes
  5. Overkill CD32
  6. Roadkill CD32
  7. Seek & Destroy CD32
  8. Sorcerors Apprentice
  9. Woodys World
  10. Zombie Apocalypse
  11. Zombie Apocalypse II AGA
Menu Screen

Thanks to the following people for this release;
WHDLoad Slaves Written by;

Cybernetix - Codetapper
Gnome - Stingray
Kiros Quest - Codetapper & Harry
Microbes - Codetapper
Sorcerors Apprentice - Codetapper
Woodys World - Codetapper
Zombie Apocalypse - Psygore

JTOD - for CD32Load.
Zombie Apocalypse II - Ross, Damien and Retro1234 for their help getting this to run from disc!
Creators of WHDLoad for allowing this great program to go freeware.
And anyone else I've missed or used their utility unknowingly on this CD.

Downloads are in the normal location on the EAB FTP uploads/cd32 folder.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Voxel Double Pack - Unofficial CD32 Release - FastRAM Required!

Forgot to upload a couple of discs i made a month ago, so here's one today, this pack is for FastRAM equipped CD32's, the disc boots as you would expect and you get a choice of 2 voxel based games on this CD;

  • Wheels On Fire - Originally released in 1997 by Prolixity / Epic Marketing, needs 4MB of FastRAM, is a voxel based racing game.
  • Firewall (Demo) - Originally released in 1997 by Ralf Eisele, needs 3MB of FastRAM, is a helicopter voxel game demo in the style of the Comanche game for PC.

Whilst these games would benefit further from a faster CPU and/or Akiko support they are at least playable on the CD32 now.

Downloads are in the normal location on the EAB FTP uploads/cd32/fastram folder.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Bubble Heroes - Unofficial CD32 Release - FastRAM Required!

Another great Amiga CD game that CD32 owners missed out on, although this was released a couple of years after the last commercial CD32 game in 2000.

Basically a Puzzle Bobble clone, but probably the best clone, certainly on the Amiga.  I had some difficulties getting this to run, as its designed to be installed on an HDD and run off disc, finally i had it running, but after a couple of weeks of trying the game still has graphical glitches on the intro animations and some of the loading screens, though once these have loaded the game itself is fine so it still deserves a release, though today i thought i'd fixed it as it runs fine on WinUAE but the glitches are still present on real hardware.

Fully bootable on a CD32 console with 4MB+ of FastRAM, and playable with just a Joypad.

CD32 Controls:
Red = Shoot Bubbles

Known Issues -
Glitches on menu/intro screens. (ok on WinUAE)
CD audio not playing (so not included in download)

Downloads are in the normal location on the EAB FTP uploads/cd32 folder.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

OnEscapee - Unofficial CD32 Release - FastRAM Required!

The next Amiga CD to CD32 treatment is OnEscapee, one of the few Amiga CD games i really wanted when it came out 20 years ago, its a very professional looking game in the Another World/Flashback style of gameplay, comes with a fantastic intro as well.

Fully bootable on a CD32 console with 2MB+ of FastRAM, fully playable with a Joypad, infact the game takes advantage of the extra buttons on the CD32 pad.

CD32 Controls:
Red/Rwd = As Fire 1
Blue/Green/Fwd = As Fire 2
Play = Exit to Main Menu
Green+Yellow = Options

Download is in the normal location on the EAB FTP uploads/cd32 folder.